Why Do I Need 2 Plungers?

Why Do I Need 2 Plungers?

When One Isn’t Enough, Why Do I Need 2 Plungers?

Plungers have been around since the late 1700s. While it is unknown who invented the plunger, its importance as a household tool is undeniable. You most likely have a plunger hidden behind your toilet or tucked away in a storage closet, but do you know how plungers work?

Plungers are simple, yet powerful, tools that force air into a clogged drain and subsequently increase the drain’s pressure. When suction is removed from the clogged drain, a vacuum is formed which forces all the remnants within the drain up and out.

More importantly…did you know that you actually need 2 plungers for different jobs?

Plunger #1: Toilet Plunger

Now that you have greater insight into how a plunger operates, are you using your plunger properly?

We recommend waiting at least ten minutes, and then turning off your toilet’s water supply hose which is located directly behind your toilet.

Before inserting your plunger, make sure that the water level is approximately halfway up the brim of the toilet. If you find that there is too much or too little water, add or remove as needed. Maintaining the correct amount of water within your toilet bowl allows for the plunger to operate effectively.

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Apply even pressure to the plunger while pushing and pulling vertically for at least twenty seconds. It is imperative that you do not break the ‘seal’ and keep the plunger underneath the water while plunging.

Toilet bowl plungers, also known as “flange” plungers, look similar to cup plungers. However, they have a distinct feature known as the flange. The flange is an extra flap of rubber at the base of the cup that narrows, creating a smaller hole. This design allows the flange plunger to fit cozily within the curve of a toilet bowl. It is this cozy fit that creates the best seal for effectively resolving a clogged toilet drain.

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Plunger #2: Sink Plungers

The plunger we’re all accustomed to seeing on TV and in stores is the sink plunger. This plunger has a flat cap that is oftentimes red. The handle on a sink plunger is also shorter than the handle on a toilet plunger.

SC TwoPlungers 03 - Why Do I Need 2 Plungers?

Sink plungers are best suited for flat surfaces. Why? As you move the plunger up and down, a constant cycle of positive and negative pressure is created that moves the blockage further into the drain.

Due to the fact that toilet bowls are not flat, ‘cup’ plungers are not able to create an adequate seal.  You can also use a sink plunger on your shower, or any other drains in a flat surface.

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When to Call on the Professionals

When is it necessary to call in a plumber? If several rounds of plunging have not resolved the clog, or if you are experiencing regular clogs, it may be time to call on a professional.

If you have made repetitive plunging and auger attempts without seeing results, consult a trusted plumbing professional for further assistance.

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