Superior HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest from Service Champions

Superior HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest from Service Champions

Superior HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest from Service Champions

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September 28, 2020

You deserve the best HVAC repairs in Lake Forest. For the best repairs, you need the top HVAC top technicians. Why? Because heating and air conditioning service is too important to pass off to just anyone. Service Champions Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning is your answer.

We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider in Orange County. Thousands of homeowners trust us each year for exceptional heating and air conditioning. What sets us apart from other technicians? We combine expert technical care with superior customer service for the simplest and easiest HVAC repairs in Lake Forest.

At Service Champions, we take care of everything, from beginning to end. What do you get? Superior HVAC repairs in Lake Forest that restore home comfort and peace of mind.

What Causes HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest?

HVAC repairs in Lake Forest happen for a number of reasons. For example, you might have repairs because of:

  • Physical trauma to the system
  • Overuse, misuse and/or abuse
  • Incorrect service from previous technicians
  • Preexisting repairs and damages
  • Spoiled parts
  • General wear and tear
  • Buildup
  • Obstruction

For most homes, HVAC repairs in Lake Forest are caused by a combination of general wear and buildup. The central air system is built to last between 10 and 15 years with proper use and care. Unfortunately, many units do not receive this type of care, which is why homeowners need repairs early and often.

Units age over time and with use. It is a natural process that cannot be prevented or avoided. Parts wear down, change and do not work as well as they did in the past. These changes make the unit prone to repairs and damages.

In addition to general wear, buildup is another big cause of repairs. Buildup begins with indoor air quality. Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. It is full of particles and germs that cycle through the unit with heating and air conditioning. As particles enter the system, they stick to motors, coils, wires and other fragile parts. Over time, particles collect in the same places and develop into buildup.

With enough time, buildup grows to be thick and stubborn. At this point, it does interfere with heating and cooling. Stubborn buildup stops regular movement and rotation, breaks pieces apart and moves them out of place.

When an older unit experiences buildup, repairs almost always follow.

Get the Right HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest

What kind of HVAC repairs in Lake Forest do you need? It depends on what problems you have in your house.

If you have problems with indoor air quality, you might need HVAC repairs in Lake Forest for:

  • Overused air filters
  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Sticky heat exchanger
  • Air duct leaks

Overused air filters are the start of many repairs. Many people use the same air filter for too long, allowing particles to build up inside the unit and create problems. If you have issues with indoor air quality, start by replacing the air filter first. If indoor air quality does not improve, call your technician for repairs. It may be that your unit simply needs maintenance to remove buildup and growth inside of the unit.

If you experience trouble with energy efficiency, you might need HVAC repairs in Lake Forest for:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Air duct leaks
  • Overused air filters

Air duct leaks are unlikely, but they do happen and when they do, they require immediate attention. Leaks occur when the air ducts are punctured or torn. This allows cleaned and conditioned air to escape into the attic. It also allows dirty attic air to enter the home through the same openings. Air duct leaks waste enormous amounts of energy and drastically reduce home comfort and indoor air quality. If you suspect air duct leaks, call for HVAC repairs in Lake Forest right away.

If you are dissatisfied with home comfort, you may need HVAC repairs in Lake Forest for:

  • Overused air filters
  • Air duct leaks
  • Obstruction
  • General wear

Sometimes, we can’t pinpoint exact issues with our air conditioning. We just know that we are not as comfortable in our homes as we were in the past. Typically, this type of problem stems from general wear and tear or obstruction inside the unit. Obstruction can be anything from small critters in the attic space or yard waste clogging the unit from its normal operation. Whatever it is, it does interfere with proper heating and air conditioning, which reduces home comfort overall. The best course of action is to call your technician for a full evaluation. Depending on the diagnosis, your experts deliver the right HVAC repairs in Lake Forest.

The Worst Way To Handle HVAC repairs in Lake Forest

Most homeowners hate having to schedule the call for repairs. They do not want to take time off of work to accommodate the visit. They do not like having technicians in the home. They fear high repairs costs and pushy sales. As a result, they hope that the problem fixes itself or goes away on its own. Unfortunately, this is never true. Repairs need to be made if you want reliable, healthy and safe heating and air conditioning.

The top mistake homeowners make with repairs is procrastinating. Procrastinating on repairs causes all the problems you want to avoid in the first place. They lead to:

  • High service costs
  • Complicated repairs
  • Multiple repairs
  • Permanent damages
  • A shorter system lifespan
  • Longer appointments

Repairs do spread. When repairs grow into significant permanent damages, replacements are not enough. You made need a completely new central air system. So, it is important that you call your heating technicians right when you need repairs.

How do you know when you need repairs? Your units shows all the right signs.

  • Smelly air from the vents
  • Loud noises during operation
  • Unreliable heating and cooling
  • Irregular performance
  • Inaccurate temperatures
  • Spikes in the utility bill
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Lower home comfort
  • Reduced productivity

If and when you experience these symptoms, turn off the central air system. Call your technician for an evaluation of the unit. Your experts deliver the right HVAC repairs in Lake Forest to restore the safety and performance quality of your unit.

Prevent HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest From Home

If buildup causes HVAC repairs in Lake Forest, eliminating buildup reduces the potential for repairs. So, what can we do to reduce and eliminate buildup?

First, we must keep the home as clean as possible. Anything inside the home inevitably makes its way inside the central air system. This is because when we turn on the HVAC, airflow sweeps particles and germs from the home into the heater and air conditioner.

Don’t think your home is too dirty? Think again. Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. Why? We have too many sources for indoor pollution and oftentimes, our homes lack the proper ventilation to remove pollution.

What kind of particles are inside of our homes?

  • Textile fibers
  • Pet and human dander
  • Insects
  • Fecal matter
  • Dirt
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Oils and greases
  • Vapors and gasses
  • VOCs
  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Germs

All of these particles contribute to harmful buildup. The first step to preventing HVAC repairs in Lake Forest is by removing and reducing sources for indoor air pollution. This means replacing furry carpets and rugs for more hypoallergenic options, cleaning more often and limiting where your pets wander inside the home.

Next, replace the air filter to the central air system every few months. A dirty, old or overused air filter causes all sorts of expensive and complicated HVAC repairs in Lake Forest. Using a new air filter every so often helps protect indoor air quality by removing particles and germs. It also helps keep the interior of the central air system clean from damaging buildup. In doing so, we prevent HVAC repairs in Lake Forest.

Finally, avoid overusing the central air system and manage the heat load. This means that you never let it grow too hot or too old inside the home. When homeowners learn to manage the heat load inside of their homes, they also save money on their utility bills. Keeping the thermostat on at a reasonable level helps control the amount of work we demand from the HVAC. Even when we are away from home, when we keep the home temperature around the desired temperature, we help save energy and lift a burden off the central air system.

Avoid 90 Percent of All HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest with Maintenance

A homemade care system is important, but it does not take the place of professional maintenance. Maintenance is an elective service but one that all technicians love to recommend. Why? Maintenance helps homeowners prevent 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Lake Forest.

What is maintenance? It is a tune-up. Your HVAC technician services the air conditioner and heater unit, inside and out, tending to all of its quirks and delivering necessary adjustments.

Why should you choose maintenance? In addition to preventing up to 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Lake Forest, maintenance:

  • Restores reliability
  • Improves performance
  • Extends the lifespan of the unit
  • Restores the health of the unit
  • Lowers energy spending
  • Elevates indoor air quality
  • Reduces repairs and damages
  • Lowers cost per use

The best part about maintenance is that you never need to worry about your heating and air conditioning. Because your technician takes care of the central air system, you do not need to lift a finger. Homeowners who choose maintenance twice a year have longer lasting units, better heating and air conditioning and improved home comfort. What’s another benefit? Maintenance costs only a fraction of HVAC repairs in Lake Forest. It is well worth the time and money and the best way to prevent HVAC repairs in Lake Forest.

What exactly does your technician accomplish during maintenance? He or she:

  • Visually inspects the unit, inside and out
  • Cleans the unit with precision tools
  • Removes buildup, water and microbiological growth
  • Inspects condensate lines
  • Inspects air ducts for leaks
  • Tests for gas leaks, refrigerant leaks and water leaks
  • Cleans and lubricates burner assembly
  • Re-calibrates the thermostat
  • Monitors performance for hiccups
  • Adjusts covers, attachments, wires and connections
  • Measures energy spending, air flow and pressure
  • Spots weaknesses, repairs and damages

This type of one-on-one care is essential if you want to avoid HVAC repairs in Lake Forest. Maintenance allows your technician to come and service your central air system before damages have set, so they can deliver care early. As a result, you avoid expensive HVAC repairs in Lake Forest and permanent damages. Best of all, you keep your machine as healthy as possible!

HVAC Repairs in Lake Forest from Service Champions Experts

Why choose Service Champions for your HVAC repairs in Lake Forest? Our technicians are experts.

Every single Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background tests
  • Trains each year for 150 hours with a master technician
  • Arrives on time in a fully stocked company van
  • Completes your service in one visit
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean
  • Is friendly and professional

We know it can be a huge hassle to have HVAC repairs in Lake Forest. That is why we always arrive to our appointments on time and in fully stocked company vans. This allows us to make repairs without driving back and forth to our plant or wasting your time. It means we complete all service calls in that same visit, no matter what problem your unit has. In addition, you know exactly who your technician is before their arrival.

Our aim is to deliver extraordinary HVAC repairs in Lake Forest, restoring home comfort and peace of mind. We are so confident in our service we promise your complete satisfaction.

Schedule your HVAC repairs in Lake Forest with our team of experts. Complete the form linked here. You can also speak with our friendly call center representatives for more information.

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