Rheem thermostat troubleshooting 

Rheem thermostat troubleshooting 

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Need help fixing your thermostat? We’ve got Rheem thermostat troubleshooting tips to help.

If you’re intimidated by any of these steps, no problem! Click below to connect with a local HVAC technician who can handle the troubleshooting for you.

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Rheem thermostat isn’t turning on

If your thermostat takes batteries, change them.

Check your electrical box if your thermostat connects to your electrical wiring. If you have a tripped circuit breaker, reset it.

Make sure all other elements of your HVAC system are turned on and functioning. If your furnace, AC compressor, or heat pump is experiencing a problem, you may notice an LED error code or blinking lights. Check your user’s manuals for more information on reading Rheem error codes. A system malfunction may cause your thermostat to stop working.

Call an HVAC professional if these Rheem thermostat troubleshooting suggestions don’t fix your problem. There may be an issue with the wiring to your thermostat.

Heat or AC is not responding to Rheem thermostat settings

First, try the opposite of what you want. For example, if you want the AC on, change the thermostat to “heat.” If your system turns on one and not the other, you can more easily pinpoint the issue. For example, if the AC works, it may be your furnace and vice versa. Or, if you have a heat pump, it’s likely your reverse valve.

If your thermostat takes batteries, change them. If it’s connected to your electrical system, check your electrical box to ensure you haven’t tripped a circuit breaker. If you have, reset it.

Dust in and around your thermostat with canned air. If its sensors are dirty and dusty, they may not read the temperature accurately. 

Check the air filters throughout your HVAC system and change them as necessary. They may inhibit the system from running properly if they’re overwhelmed with dust. You can pick up replacement filters on Amazon or a local hardware store. 

If these tips don’t help, call an HVAC professional. There may be an issue with the wiring between your thermostat and the rest of your HVAC system.

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Rheem thermostat temperature does not match room temperature

If your thermostat takes batteries, change them. If it’s connected to your electrical system, check your electrical box for a tripped circuit breaker. If you find one, reset it.

Clean your thermostat by blowing compressed air in and around it. If its sensors are blocked, it may not be reading the temperature correctly. 

Check the filters throughout your HVAC system. You should change them regularly. If dust clogs them, your system may have trouble pushing air out to meet the desired temperature. You can change your air filters with new ones from Amazon or a local hardware store.

The same may be true if your ductwork is clogged or leaking. Remove your registers and look in with a flashlight to check your ducts. If you see visible blockages, remove them. If you see holes, repair them with duct tape or sealant. You may also consider hiring a duct cleaning company to give your ductwork a full examination. 

Check your home for air leaks. The Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines on how to do this. Paying special attention to the areas near windows and doors, feel for drafts. Seal with weatherstripping as needed. If the cold or warm air is escaping through leaks, your system will have difficulty keeping up. 

If none of these Rheem thermostat troubleshooting suggestions help, call a pro. It’s likely your problem is more serious than a DIY fix. 

Rheem thermostat troubleshooting resources

Rheem has a section on its website with information on fixing your HVAC equipment. It also features a Homeowner Resource Center with warranties and parts replacement details. 

If these Rheem thermostat troubleshooting tips don’t get your HVAC system back to work, click below to connect with a pro who can help.

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