How to Caulk a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

How to Caulk a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

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Want an easy way to bring new life to your bathroom? One of the easiest ways to add a little bit of shine is by recaulking your shower.

All you need to do for this simple project is to strip, remove, and replace the caulk in your shower. Over time, mold and dirt build up on and around the caulking, leaving a dull, worn look.

In six simple steps, we’ll show you how to caulk a shower! Here are the tools and supplies you will need to get your bathroom repair project underway:

  • Painter’s tape (often blue)
  • Mold cleanser and other cleaning supplies
  • Silicone/latex bathroom caulk
  • A caulking gun
  • A utility knife or flexible scraping blade with oscillating tool

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Step 1: Purchase Caulk

Silicone or latex caulk is required to properly update your shower. If you can find a product that contains both, that would be ideal. The combination gives you flexibility and ideal waterproofing.

If you can only find caulk with latex or silicone, either is fine. Before you make your purchase, however, check the label to ensure it specifically states it is for use in bathrooms or kitchens.

Step 2: Out with the Old

It’s time to start with a clean slate! Removing the old caulk properly and thoroughly is the first step to recaulking your shower.

This is probably the one step that will be the most time consuming, aside from applying the new caulk, but just take your time to do everything properly.

Using your utility knife, cut through the current caulk. Scrape the entire shower area. Sometimes you will encounter some stubborn spots. For these, you can take a razor blade to remove the caulking until it is gone. Be careful not to scrape too hard since it can damage the tile surface.

Step 3: Rid the Area of All Mold

Now it’s time to clean and scrub the shower! Any surface needs to be squeaky clean before applying a new caulk.

For the best results, take a mold-killing solution and apply it to the entire area. Let it penetrate the surface for a few minutes – remember that the mold has probably been there a long time.

Next, scrub until all the mold and dirt are removed. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and let the shower area dry completely. Do not try to put caulk on a wet or damp surface.

Step 4: Apply the Painter’s Tape

Next, you need to line the shower with painter’s tape to protect the gaps. This tape also provides an even outline and guide of where you will be applying the new caulk.
Press the tape down firmly as you line the shower. And don’t worry, this tape is made to be removed easily and lifts without an adhesive, so you can press down generously to ensure it sticks.

SC ShowerCaulk 02 - How to Caulk a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

When lining the area with tape, begin the tape at the largest gap between the wall and the shower and continue until you’ve created an outline.

Step 5: Applying the Caulk

Now that the prep work is complete (good job!) and your surface is ready to receive the new caulk, all it takes is a bit of patience as you work your way around the shower.

Place the caulking gun at the largest gap in the shower. Next, press slowly while holding the caulking gun at a 90-degree angle. Let a very small bead of the caulk be released from the gun ahead of its point.

Continue this process and glide the caulking gun along the surface of the shower using the same gentle pressure. Repeat this process along the entire surface until complete.

Step 6: Wipe the Area and Smooth the Caulk

Now that you have the caulk in place, it’s time to smooth it out. Just use a wet finger to wipe along the caulk line. This will even out any bumps. Now, just let everything sit for 24 hours.
Now comes the fun part! Gently peel the tape and remove it from the shower.

SC ShowerCaulk 03 - How to Caulk a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

Now it’s time to admire your handiwork.

Your Sparkling Shower Awaits

Lastly, you will need to allow the area to dry and set for a full 24 hours. This is imperative, as should the area get wet and is not fully dried, you risk damaging the new caulking and all of your hard work!

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Have any other questions about bathroom pluming or maintenance, schedule an appointment with the experts at Service Champions today!

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