Fujitsu vs. LG mini splits (AC and heat pump systems)

Fujitsu vs. LG mini splits (AC and heat pump systems)

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Ductless mini split ACs are gaining popularity. Customers appreciate their efficiency, affordability, and ease of installation compared to traditional air conditioners.

But what brand is best? In this piece, we’ll review the pros and cons of Fujitsu mini splits vs. LG mini splits.

LG vs. Fujitsu mini splits

LG Fujitsu
🏠 Headquarters South Korea Japan
🏆 Noted for Innovation Reliability
💰 Mini split pricing $3,500-6,500 $3,700-5,700
☔ Warranty 10 years 5-7 years

LG mini splits

LG is a well-known manufacturer of home appliances and electronics. The company is based in Seoul, South Korea.

As a brand, LG is known for innovation. It’s currently ranked fourth in the world for published patents.

In the HVAC industry specifically, LG is considered a mid-tier brand. The average price of its mini split systems ranges $3,500-6,500, including installation.

Fujitsu mini splits

Fujitsu is a multinational brand, selling technology hardware and software, telecommunications products, and electronics. It’s based in Saga, Japan.

The company’s been making residential and commercial air conditioners for over 50 years. Fujitsu’s latest models use artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to automate cooling.

HVAC experts prefer Fujitsu units for installations in smaller spaces. They are known to be reliable and competitively priced. Fijitsu mini splits range $3,700-5,700, including installation. 

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LG ductless mini split reviews

LG offers a comprehensive line of mini splits, which include an indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser). Its indoor units meet various mounting preferences, from floor to wall to ceiling. You can mix and match elements to design a unique HVAC system specific to your home. 

LG outdoor units are quieter and more energy-efficient than conventional AC condensers. Its variable-speed inverter technology allows them to function at the optimal level to seamlessly maintain the desired indoor temperature.

LGRED° is LG’s proprietary heating technology that enables effective warming in extreme weather conditions. While some mini split manufacturers build outdoor units for more temperate climates, LG says its compressor can operate in weather conditions as low as -13℉.

Single-zone LG mini splits

LG offers single-zone ductless systems as bundles containing one indoor and one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit is wall-mounted or cassette style (ceiling mount).

Depending on your needs, there are three product lines to choose from: Standard efficiency, Mega, and Mega 115V. Each line has several models with varying BTU output. Check out our AC Size Guide to learn how many BTUs you need to cool your room. 

Multi-zone LG mini splits

LG’s multi-zone mini split offerings are much more varied. You can pair an outdoor unit that meets your capacity needs with an indoor unit that matches your mounting preference and aesthetic.

For example, the LG Art Cool Gallery line offers indoor units that mount to the wall. They look like picture frames, and users can customize digital artwork to display on the unit. 

The LG Art Cool Mirrored line features indoor units with a mirrored exterior to better blend with your home’s decor. 

LG also has indoor mini split components that mount on the ceiling and lower on the wall.

LG’s current line of mini splits includes the following elements. (Note: Click on the model number for product details.)

LG mini split outdoor components

LG mini split indoor components

Product line Mounting style  Model numbers Power
Art cool premier Wall LA090HYV3
9,000-26,000 BTU
Art cool mirror Wall LA090HSV5
9,000-22,000 BTU
Art cool gallery Wall LMAN097HVP
9,000-11,200 BTU
4-way cassette Ceiling LC098HV4
9,000-52,000 BTU
Low-wall console Low wall LQ090HV4
9,000-13,000 BTU
Extended piping Wall LS243HLV3
22,000-35,200 BTU

LG mini split bundles

Fujitsu mini split reviews

Fujitsu’s line of mini splits is called Halcyon. It offers single- and multi-zone systems supporting up to eight zones.

Most Fujitsu mini splits can be controlled wirelessly via its FGLair app. The app integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control capabilities.

The company prides itself on reliability, claiming 99.99% of its products don’t require replacement within their expected lifespan. Fujitsu uses state-of-the-art testing to ensure durability amid extreme weather conditions.

Fujitsu’s mini splits are also energy-efficient. A number of its products have earned the “Most Efficient” ENERGY STAR rating, functioning more than twice as efficiently as the minimum standard.

Single-zone Fujitsu mini splits

Fujitsu sells its single-zone mini splits as a bundle, including one indoor and one outdoor unit. With more than 40 bundles, Fujitsu has four times more selection for single-zone mini splits than LG.

Fujitsu offers a variety of indoor mounting options, as well as outdoor units specialized for low-temperature operation and energy efficiency. 

Confused by all the options? Let us help pick the best mini split for you!

Multi-zone Fujitsu mini splits

Fujitsu’s line of multi-zone mini splits is not as varied. It sells a handful of outdoor units, some of which are optimized for areas that get especially cold in the winter.

There’s an assortment of mounting options for Fujitsu’s multi-zone indoor units. Each type has a few capacity options depending on what size room you’re cooling.

Fujitsu’s current line of mini splits includes the following product options.

Fujitsu mini split outdoor components

Fujitsu mini split indoor components

Fujitsu mini split bundles

Product line Zones + mounting Model numbers Power
LPAS Single + wall 09LPAS1 
9,000-34,000 BTU
RL2 Single + wall 9RL2
9,000-14,000 BTU
LZAH1 Single + wall 09LZAH1
8,500-13,000 BTU
LZAH1B Single + wall 09LZAH1B
9,000-18,000 BTU
LMAH1 Single + wall 09LMAH1
11,500-19,100 BTU
LMAS Single + wall 09LMAS1
9,000-25,200 BTU
LZAS1B Single + wall 09LZAS1B
9,000-18,000 BTU
LZAS1 Single + wall 09LZAS1
9,000-18,000 BTU
RULX Single + floor 18RULX
17,000-24,000 BTU
RLFFH Series Single + floor 9RLFFH
9,000-18,000 BTU
RLFF Single + floor 9RLFF
9,000-18,000 BTU
RSLX Single + ceiling 36RSLX 34,100-36,500 BTU
RGLX Single + ceiling 18RGLX
18,000-47,000 BTU
LUAS1 Single + ceiling 09LUAS1
9,000-27,000 BTU

Fujitsu vs. LG mini splits: pros and cons

While both Fujitsu and LG deliver comparable mini splits at a mid-range price point, each brand has distinct benefits and drawbacks.

LG mini splits

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Array of indoor multi-zone options Few single-zone bundles
Unique indoor cabinets, including mirrored cases and art displays Only wall-mount units for single-zone systems
Ability to control some systems via app
Larger range of capacities available
Extended piping options
Longer warranty period (10 years)

Fujitsu mini splits

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Wide variety of single-zone bundles Limited multi-zone options
Outdoor units optimized for low temps Traditional-looking indoor cabinets
Ability to control some systems via app Shorter warranty period (5-7 years)
Generally more energy-efficient
Typically less expensive

How to buy a mini split

If you’re ready to invest in a mini split, its best to contact a certified local dealer for your chosen brand.

You can purchase mini splits from third parties like Amazon or other HVAC retailers. We don’t recommend this. Many manufacturers void their warranties if their products are purchased or installed by third parties.

We also don’t recommend going the DIY route for installation. Setting up a mini split involves refrigerant. Only licensed HVAC technicians can legally handle refrigerant.

 HomeAdvisor says you should expect to pay about $500 in labor costs for mini split installation. 

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Fujitsu vs. LG mini splits: The bottom line

Fujitsu and LG are both known for producing quality home electronics. We feel each brand can benefit different mini split shoppers. 

Fujitsu mini splits are best for users:

  • Concerned with decor aesthetics
  • In need of a multi-zone system
  • Who plan to stay in this home for at least 10 years

LG mini splits are best for users:

  • Shopping for a single-zone system
  • Looking for low pricing
  • Who prioritize energy-efficiency

Still not sure which is best for you? Click below to connect with an expert who can help you choose. 

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