Listen To Your Home Furnace For These Big Noises

Listen To Your Home Furnace For These Big Noises

Listen To Your Home Furnace For These Big Noises

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February 19, 2020

Listen To Your Home Furnace For These Big Noises

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February 19, 2020

If homeowners listen carefully, they will find that their home furnaces have much to say. While new home furnaces are relatively quiet, behaviors change with age and use.

For the most part, home furnace maintenance removes all these noises. However, there are some noises more telling than others.

Normal Home Furnace Noises

There is a suitable amount of noise that comes from the home furnace when it runs. This can be the sound of the home furnace lighting, air moving through the air ducts or the condenser unit buzzing.

However, there are other noises that pose bigger threats.

Why do these noises happen?

With each cycle, every part of the home furnace system bears stress and wear. With enough time, these parts change.

  • Drain pans corrode or crack
  • Rubber bands dry out and splinter
  • Fire exchangers glue shut
  • Air filters fill
  • Air ducts tear
  • Evaporator coils freeze
  • Wires break or burn

As a result, noises happen. In these situations, homeowners need to turn off the home furnace and call their preferred home furnace specialist.

Home Furnace Makes Screeching Noises

Screeching noises happen when metal pieces rub against other metal pieces within the home furnace. This is typical when parts come undone after extended periods of use.

Generally, the screeching noise comes from the blower motor. The wheel to the blower motor may have loosened. When the home furnace runs, the blower motor scrapes against the casing, creating this screeching sound.

Eventually, with the repeated scraping parts are further damaged. The home furnace will need repairs, and the entire blower motor may need replacement.

Home Furnace Makes Wheezing Noises

Wheezing sounds result from a dirty air filter. A clean home furnace filter allows the fullest amount of air to enter for heating and air conditioning. However, a dirty air filter creates resistance and limits the amount of air squeezing through it. As a result, there’s a forced wheezing noise.

Homeowners should replace the home furnace air filter every few months. This helps keep the home furnace clean and efficient, and prevents this bothersome noise.

Home Furnace Makes Banging Noises

Banging can happen when screws, nuts and bolts come undone in the home furnace. Many times, these screws belong to covers and shields. When the home furnace runs and vibrates, loose covers clap against the apparatus creating this noise. Depending on the severity of the banging, different home furnace services are needed.

While open lids and covers pose no immediate threat to the home furnace, it does allow damages to collect over time. On top of the irritating noise, open covers expose interior parts. This allows grime, dust and other obstruction to enter and interfere with the heating process.

Home Furnace Makes Whining Noises

Whining and squealing noises come from lack of care as older parts expand, droop or detach and scrub against other parts. It may come from a loose or worn blower belt, troubled shaft bearings or damaged motors.

The home furnace should not be used under these conditions. When the home furnace runs on damaged or compromised equipment, energy spending soars. In addition, heating and air conditioning simply is not at its best. It may also compromise safety.

Home Furnace Maintenance Solves Odd Noises

Home furnace maintenance is the best way to care for your home furnace. Remember, these noises themselves are not the problem. They are the signs to underlying issues.

It is important that your home furnace receives proper care from a professional. Otherwise, these issues only spread and grow, costing more in repairs and damages. Eventually the home furnace may need a complete replacement.

To save your home from a costly replacement, invest in regular home furnace maintenance. Then, these issues are solved early or prevented altogether. As a result, you have a healthy home furnace that lasts beyond its years.

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