Innovations In Sanitation: Meat And Poultry

Innovations In Sanitation: Meat And Poultry

Good sanitation practices are a crucial component of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). A commitment to sanitation at all levels of the meat and poultry industry is critical to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses from infecting food processes and causing significant economic losses. Every year the food safety programs at numerous plants and facilities fail at sanitation and spread infected food across the country, requiring expensive recalls. The Center for Disease Control states that there are over forty-eight million cases of foodborne illnesses that occur in the United States every year. At some level in each of these cases, food sanitation equipment, and practices failed and put the health of citizens in jeopardy.

Innovation in the area of cleaning and sanitation in the meat and poultry market has been slow. The use of hot water, wet steam, and soap-based cleaners and sanitizers have been the status quo for years. And while these products work well to clean wet environments, technological improvements in the packaging, slicing, and other machines have created new areas where “dry” cleaning techniques would be better suited, as well as more portable cleaning solutions.

Steam has been used widely in the meat and poultry market for years. This steam, however, has predominantly been “wet” steam and can include a considerable amount of water by volume. Applications have generally included cleaning and sanitation, and more impactful cleaning like “tenting” of slicers and large equipment. However, due to the “wetness” of the steam, it is not ideal for use where sensitive equipment is susceptible to water damage.

One of Goodway’s most popular dry steam products is the GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner with Twin Boilers. The GVC-18000 is the newest model of multiple dry steam cleaners that Goodway produces. The GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner with Twin Boilers is a compact and maneuverable commercial, heavy-duty dry steam cleaner. It is one of the most powerful dry steam cleaners in its class with an output steam pressure ranging from zero pounds per square (PSI) to 145 PSI. This amount of output power enables the high-power steam cleaner to remove the toughest grease and soils effectively. Steam cleaning sanitation primarily relies on water sprayed at extremely high pressures and temperatures onto equipment surfaces to remove difficult grime and grease build up as well as disinfect and decontaminate the equipment to remove any harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Contamination in the meat and poultry industry poses a constant risk to food manufacturers. The GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner doubles down on potential sanitation and hygiene risks with two 2.4-gallon stainless steel tanks. The tanks can be filled while the machine is in operation, and one tank can hold chemical cleaners to mix water and cleaning chemicals for an ultimate disinfecting effect.

The GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner also features multiple attachments to include a thirty-three-foot hose with a pistol grip, a one-inch short detail wand, a 20-inch wand, and 40-inch wand with detail lance that enable swift and easy cleaning solutions. Additional attachments include multiple sized stainless-steel brushes and scrubbing brushes.

One of Goodway’s upcoming products for food equipment sanitation is the Sanitation Chamber. The chamber provides a simple and effective method to sanitize the equipment and tools utilized during food processing in a modular and easy to use design. This chamber pairs excellently with the other sanitation tools and methods that Goodway offers, such as its GVC-18000 model line of steam cleaning equipment. The sanitation chamber cleans small parts and tools by utilizing steam from Goodway’s GVC-18000 high power steam cleaners. Small parts and tools that are placed inside the chamber are completely sanitized using the high-temperature steam, quickly reaching and maintaining temperatures to remove pathogens.  This process offers one of the first and most effective methods to efficiently sanitize small parts and equipment that would otherwise take intensive amounts of effort and time.

Sanitation practices are essential to successful plant operation. They support safe food production practices that protect consumers and ensure plant production and profits. Goodway provides numerous products that increase the effectiveness and ease of decontamination practices. The Sanitation Chamber provides an easy and effective method for sanitizing small parts and tools used in the meat and poultry industry, while the GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is an effective method for cleaning large and plant floor equipment. Combined, these sanitation tools from Goodway are vital elements in combatting the spread of foodborne bacteria and microorganisms.

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