Exceptional Heater Repair Service in Laguna Niguel from Service Champions

Exceptional Heater Repair Service in Laguna Niguel from Service Champions

Heater Repair Service in Laguna Niguel Mends Poor Energy Efficiency

If you notice that your energy efficiency is not up to par, you might need heater repair service in Laguna Niguel. Over time and extended use, the furnace loses its ability to operate efficiently. This typically happens because buildup accumulates inside the system and settings shift with micro-vibrations from repeated cycling.

If you have poor energy efficiency, you may notice that:

  • Your home temperature is inaccurate
  • It takes longer to heat the home
  • The heating cycle repeats often
  • The energy bill is higher

What parts might need heater repair service in Laguna Niguel?

A dirty air filter

The air filter does a great job of filtering particles and germs out of the air supply. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to clean the air filter or replace it. Instead, they reuse the same air filter over long periods of time. This creates a harmful situation for the furnace, potentially leading to heater repair service in Laguna Niguel.

A full air filter creates a solid wall of dirt blocking air flow. In turn, this throws off the energy balance, forcing the heater to fire up without the opportunity to heat the correct amount of air. However, it keeps cycling because the thermostat commands it to continue heating.

To stop wasting significant energy, clean the air filter or replace it. HVAC contractors recommend replacing the air filter every few months to protect energy efficiency and cleanliness of the system.

A clean air filter is well worth the money. Clean air filters remove up to 50 percent of all airborne particles and germs. This not only keeps your home air clean, it protects the furnace itself from buildup accumulating inside of it. This is crucial because buildup causes heater repair service in Laguna Niguel. Additionally, clean air filters improve energy efficiency by 15 percent. In order to reap these benefits, be sure to replace the air filter often.

Leaks, tears and holes in the air ducts

Air ducts transport cleaned and heated air from the furnace into the home. When the air ducts sustain leaks or holes, cleaned and heated air escape from the air ducts, never reaching the home. In addition, dirty attic air enters the air ducts through the same leaks and tears.

Because heated air never reaches the home, the thermostat continues to prompt for heating, forcing the furnace to run. Unfortunately, if there are leaks in the air ducts it is unlikely for the house to ever experience heating at all. Because all of the heated air empties into the attic rather than the home, incredible amounts of energy are wasted.

It is essential that you schedule heater repair service in Laguna Niguel for air duct leaks immediately. Refrain from using the central air system until these tears and leaks are mended.

Poor home insulation

Home insulation plays an important role in optimizing energy efficiency. Many homeowners do not realize just how much heat their homes leak.

  • The roof leaks about 25 percent of energy.
  • The walls leak about 35 percent of energy.
  • The floors of the home leak about 15 percent of energy.
  • The doors of the home leak about 15 percent of energy.
  • The windows of the home leak about 10 percent of energy.

Taking the time to fully insulate the home drastically improves energy efficiency. If you haven’t done so already, talk to your technician about how to insulate your home to improve energy efficiency.

If your home is already insulated but energy efficiency is still low, consult your technician. He or she will deliver the correct heater repair service in Laguna Niguel to restore energy efficiency and minimize heat loss.

In addition to home insulation, consider heater repair service in Laguna Niguel for air duct insulation. It is equally likely that the insulation around the air ducts have worn off or torn away, causing energy leaks. Have your HVAC contractor inspect your attic space for this heater repair service in Laguna Niguel.

An overused unit

The average furnace lasts about 10 years with the right care and usage habits. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unable to deliver the care the furnace needs because of everyday busyness. In addition, they lose track of just how much they use their furnace and how old it really is.

Using an old or overused unit is not cost effective. It also isn’t energy efficient. If your heating is costing too much, it may be time for heater repair service in Laguna Niguel or time to replace the unit altogether.

When you use an outdated furnace, up to 30 percent of energy used on heating is wasted, never making it into the house.

Why would an outdated furnace waste so much energy? Older models are not as energy-efficient, lacking the technology more modern furnaces have in place. Additionally, older furnaces carry more wear on them, so parts are likely compromised in structure, movement or quality.

Contact your contractor and see if heater repair service in Laguna Niguel will restore performance quality and energy efficiency. Otherwise, talk to your technician about whether or not it is time for a new central air system altogether.

A furnace the wrong size

A furnace that is the wrong size for your home also wastes energy. If your furnace is new but energy efficiency is low, consult a second technician for evaluation. It is possible that your first contractor miscalculated the size of your home and chose the wrong furnace. It is also possible that installation was completed incorrectly, leading to low energy efficiency. A second opinion is highly recommended as your new technician will also be able to prevent heater repair service in Laguna Niguel with early service.

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