Don’t Forget to Check Your Air Filter!

Don’t Forget to Check Your Air Filter!


Think about your air conditioner. How many moving parts do you think there are that contribute to your system’s operation? The answers can range but there are certainly a large number of them. They aren’t the only important parts of your HVAC in Homestead–there are several parts in your system that don’t move that are highly important too.

One important part of your system that is often underestimated is the air filter. You may be a bit surprised to hear this but it is true! While the filter just sits in your return air duct, it does serve a highly important role that helps your HVAC system(s) run effectively and efficiently.

Let’s look at the details of why your air filter is so important and when you need to change yours out.

HVAC Air Filters Aren’t Filtration Systems

First things first, we want to provide some clarification. HVAC filters are not the same thing as an air filtration system.

An air filtration system sits in your ductwork and cleans debris out of the air being pumped into your home. Its job is to help improve indoor air quality.

The HVAC filter, which is what we are discussing today, sits in your return air duct. The job of this filter is to keep debris out of your HVAC system.

When Do You Need to Change Your Air Filter?

Air filter changes are a necessity to keep your HVAC system running properly. The question that a lot of people need the answer to is, “How often do you need to change that filter?”

You should change your filter every one to three months. We provide a range because the need for filter changes can vary based on your home’s individual factors such as how frequently you use your system use and your indoor air quality.

The Impact of Delayed Filter Changes

You may be wondering what the consequence is if you don’t change your air filter. We suggest regular changes for reason-better system effectiveness and efficiency-but is there a real drawback to putting off filter changes? The truth is that, yes, there can be. Issues like these can arise as a result of filters that go unchanged for too long:

  • Poor airflow into the system: A clogged air filter will reduce the amount of air that can enter your AC to be cooled.
  • Dirty build-up on the evaporator coil: Too much dirt on the filter may lead to dirt collecting on the evaporator coil more quickly. This can hinder the cooling process and strain your system.
  • Increased energy usage: If your AC is struggling against a dirty filter it may use extra energy to try to make up for things.
  • Your system short cycling: Short cycling can be due to a variety of issues and a clogged air filter is one of them. If no air is able to enter your system then the AC may shut off early to prevent damage to itself.

Filter changes are a quick and easy way to improve your system operation and protect it from dirty air. If you aren’t sure how to handle your filter change, our team is happy to show you. We also include filter changes as a part of our maintenance service.

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