Choose Exceptional Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Niguel

Choose Exceptional Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Niguel

Smart Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Niguel for Elevated Home Comfort

Today’s HVAC technology has created exceptional solutions for total home comfort. With the right tools and the right technicians, you can completely transform your home to serve you through heating and air conditioning.

What are some options available for you?

Air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel to control where air goes

Zoning allows you to control what areas of the home receive heating and air conditioning. To do this, your technicians install motorized discs inside the air duct system. These discs rotate, block and redirect airflow down the appropriate line. Essentially, zoning cuts down air conditioning and heating in half, potentially saving energy, money and time spent on HVAC.

Not at all homes are fit for zoning. While efficient for some, it creates more waste for others. Those who would benefit the most are homeowners with multiple-storied homes, very large homes or homes with unique construction.

To see if your home would benefit from this air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel, speak with your technician.

Air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel for pristine indoor air

How important is high indoor air quality? Indoor air quality affects, health, productivity, energy efficiency and peace of mind. While the standard air filter does a fair job of cleaning indoor air, some households need more help.

For some, like individuals with specific health conditions, asthma or allergies, healthy indoor air is crucial. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for these homeowners.

Super filters are fortified air filters that help clean the air of particles and germs. UV lights and BioCide Chamber destroy up to 99.9 percent of germs in the air supply. Likewise, Air Scrubber Plus works alongside the air conditioning, so it requires little to no added maintenance.

At the very least, you can choose stronger air filters to help reduce airborne particles and germs. Proper filter care also helps reduce buildup inside of the central air system. This in turn keeps HVAC equipment cleaner and healthier, resulting in fewer repairs and damages.

If you need or want better indoor air quality, consult your technician about the correct air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel.

Air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel for exceptional energy efficiency

For top-tier energy efficiency, it is vital to have the home insulated. Insulation prevents heat loss, reducing the workload for the air conditioner and heater. Just how much does the home leak energy?

  • The attic leaks up to 35 percent of energy.
  • Walls leak up to 25 percent.
  • The floors leak up to 20 percent.
  • The windows leak about 20 percent.

Insulation prevents a great deal of home heat loss, saving time and money while creating a better home. Speak with your technician about air conditioning service in Laguna Niguel for insulating air ducts, walls, floors and attic areas.

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