Amana heat pump troubleshooting

Amana heat pump troubleshooting

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Not sure what’s wrong with your Amana heat pump? We’ve listed some common heat pump issues below and potential fixes.

Check out these Amana heat pump troubleshooting suggestions to understand when it’s safe to DIY and when it’s best to call a pro.

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Amana heat pump is not turning on

First, check that the heat pump is on. It has a power button (see your manual for the exact location on your model). Next, check that the switch it’s connected to is on. Finally, check your electrical box for a tripped circuit breaker. Reset it if necessary.

Check your thermostat. Set it to “heat” and “auto” if you want heat. Set it to “cool” and “auto” if you want AC. Try making some changes to see if you can get your heat pump to start up. For instance, change “auto” to “on” and raise the temperature to a higher setting.

Try the opposite of what you want – if you want the heat, change the thermostat to “cool” and vice versa. If the heat pump provides one type of air and not the other, the issue is likely with your reversing valve. Call a professional to handle that repair.

Examine the air filters in your home and your heat pump. You should change them regularly. If they have a dust buildup, that could prevent your HVAC system from functioning correctly. Purchase new filters on Amazon or at a store like Home Depot and replace yours if it’s time. 

If you hear a clicking noise coming from your heat pump, the issue is likely with your start capacitor. Fixing that part is not a DIY job. Call a pro if you suspect that’s the cause of your issue or if our other Amana heat pump troubleshooting recommendations don’t work.

Amana heat pump is not heating

Check that your heat pump has power. Ensure it’s turned on, as is the electrical switch associated with it. Check your breaker box and reset any tripped circuit breakers. If the system continues to trip, call an HVAC professional. 

Check your thermostat. Set it to “heat” and “auto.” If you set it to “on,” it will blow air constantly, even when it’s not actively heating. Turn the temperature setting up to the thermostat’s maximum to see if that makes a difference. If it does, the problem may be that your thermostat sensor is dusty. Clean inside and around your thermostat with a soft cloth or canned air.

Schedule an HVAC pro to inspect my heat pump

Try setting your thermostat to “cool” instead of “heat.” If it blows cold air, the issue is likely your reversing valve. Call a professional to have this repaired – it’s not a DIY job.

Next, take a look at the air filters in your home and inside your heat pump. If yours are very dusty, they may prevent airflow throughout your HVAC system. Change the filters if yours are dirty. 

If you can access your ductwork, look inside for blockages and leaks. In some cases, you may be able to partially view your ducts by removing your registers and looking inside with a flashlight. Use a vacuum hose or your hand to clean out blockages. Seal leaks with duct tape or sealant. If you can’t get a good view of your ductwork, consider hiring a duct cleaning service.

Go to your heat pump and remove the external cover (you may need to unscrew it with a screwdriver). Check the inside of the heat pump for ice. If you see ice, you may have a refrigerant leak. Call a professional for help – repairing the leak and refilling the refrigerant is a job for an expert.

Amana heat pump is not cooling

Check that your heat pump is on. Check that the electrical switch it’s connected to is also on. Check your breaker box and reset tripped circuit breakers if there are any.

Next, take a look at your thermostat. Set it to “cool” and “auto.” If you set it to “on,” it will blow air even when it’s not actively cooling. Turn the temperature down several degrees to see if that causes the system to kick on.

Try turning the thermostat to “heat” and “auto.” Turn the temperature up to a high level. If the heat pump heats but doesn’t cool, the issue is likely your reversing valve. Call an HVAC expert to schedule a repair. This isn’t a job you can do yourself.

Have your air filters been changed recently? If not, replace them. Dirty, dusty air filters can prevent airflow through your system, which may cause it to stop cooling.

Open the external cover of your heat pump. You may need to unscrew it with a screwdriver. Check the coils inside (zigzag metal tubing). If the coils are dirty, use coil cleaner to clean them. If they are frozen, call a technician. You have a refrigerant issue that a pro should handle.

Amana heat pump is making unusual noises

You may hear noises when your heat pump starts up and shuts down. But if you notice a sound that’s out of the ordinary, it may be a cause for concern.

If you hear rattling or clinking, open your heat pump. You may need to unscrew the cover. Clear out any debris inside, like leaves, sticks, or rocks. Check the screws and bolts inside. Make sure they’re all tight and in place. A loose or missing screw may be causing the noise as it rattles around inside the heat pump.

A wooshing sound in the winter is normal for your heat pump. It’s the defrost mode starting. This comes on automatically to keep internal components from freezing.

If you hear other noises like banging, screeching, or gurgling, call an HVAC pro. These indicate a more serious issue.

Amana heat pump troubleshooting resources

Amana’s website has a product literature library with information on its heat pump models. It may help you identify parts or inspire ideas while you’re fixing your system.

You can also look up warranty information for your Amana heat pump on the site. Replacement parts may be covered.

Call an expert if this Amana heat pump troubleshooting advice doesn’t solve your problem. Or, if you prefer to leave the troubleshooting to the pros, they can handle it for you. 

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