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How Do I Know Which HVAC Brand to Choose?

At Howard Air, we receive a lot of questions from our customers about proper HVAC use and maintenance. Along with these common questions, we’re also asked about unit replacement. Many customers are more than willing to spend money on the best possible unit for their home or business, but many do not know if a replacement is truly needed and, if so, what brand to purchase.

Here is an overview of why and when an HVAC system should be replaced and picking the correct brand for your needs.

Why Replace An HVAC Unit?

Replacement of an HVAC unit is not a common event. Most systems last about 10 years, provided they were installed correctly. Sadly, we often see subpar work such as bad ductwork or improper unit installation which can reduce the life of a system. That is why we always endeavor to install a system right the first time.

Even with proper installation, sometimes it’s simply time for a unit to be replaced. This can be for several different reason, including:

  • Age: it could very well be the system is just old and getting worn down. Older systems often require more frequent repairs and are not as efficient as they once were even when fully functional.   
  • Newer Systems Are More Efficient: inefficient systems cause your utility bills to increase. A more efficient system does not have to “kick on” as much to keep a building at the right temperature. This can greatly reduce utility bills in a and that savings can really add up over time.
  • It Never Did Work Right: as previously noted some installations are done improperly. This results in systems that never cool or heat a property correctly. This can be a system that runs all the time or does not keep the building at a comfortable temperature.


There is no shortage of HVAC brands from which to choose. For many buyers this can be daunting as this is not a common purchase and they often lack information on what to buy. The important thing to know is that these numerous brands are made by only six different manufacturers. These manufacturers also use parts from the same suppliers. Climate control systems are highly specialized units and all are made to very strict standards. For the buyer, this means aside from very specific uncommon systems or high-end units, quality is relatively good across the board no matter what the brand name is.

The true secret to a good system installation is using a professional to install it. Here at Howard Air, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we provide and our satisfied customers. We not only handle repair and upkeep, but also installations.    

Howard Air

Part of choosing the best HVAC system is proper care and installation. You can buy the best system on the market but if it’s not taken care of properly, it won’t last as long as it should or function as efficiently. With regular maintenance and occasional minor repairs, your HVAC unit can last a very long time and perform well for the life of the unit. Contact Howard Air when you need expert AC and heating repair, maintenance, or installation.

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Worry-free Heater Repair Service in Woodbridge

Heater Woodbridge Head - Worry-free Heater Repair Service in Woodbridge

For stress-free, worry-free heater repair service in Woodbridge, count on Service Champions. We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange County and the experts dedicated to making repair service as simple as possible for your comfort and peace of mind.

Appointments are easy. We arrive at a time best for you in a fully stocked company marked van. You will know who your expert is before arrival. We use and provide genuine tools and replacement parts. There are no surprise fees or delays and we always complete your repair service in one visit.

We guarantee your total satisfaction. Make your home better through superior heater repairs in Woodbridge by choosing the best!

Heater Repairs Requires Prompt Action

Heater repairs are absolutely essential and, fortunately, they greatly improve home heating. Repairs restore healthy, safe and efficient heating. They help the furnace last longer and work better until it needs total replacement, which should not be until it’s around 10 years old.

Heater repairs require your immediate attention. Pending repairs can easily turn into multiple repairs and permanent damage. Plus, using the furnace despite damage worsens signs of wear, resulting in:

  • High utility bills
  • Reduced home comfort
  • Overheating
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Shortened system lifespan

To minimize these issues and prevent serious damage, call for heater repair service as soon as you can. When you need service, you might experience:

  • Smelly or textured air
  • Loud or disruptive noises
  • Little to no change in home temperature
  • Loss of control or access

If you have no heating whatsoever, do not attempt to restart the furnace through the power breaker. When the furnace has a significant repair, it automatically shuts down in order to protect itself from further harm. In all cases, wait for your HVAC contractor in Woodbridge before resuming use.

Understand Your Heater

Furnace repairs in Woodbridge are caused by buildup that has collected over the summer. Buildup is an accumulation of hair, pollen, debris, dust and germs. Over time, buildup covers the interior of the furnace and interferes with the heating process. Eventually, parts wear down, change shape and move out of place, causing repair and damage. Some common repairs include:

  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensors
  • Air duct leaks
  • Disconnected or corroded wires
  • Stalled blower motors

Since many furnace repairs are caused by buildup, you can easily minimize repairs by controlling buildup. To do this, keep the furnace as clean as possible. Wipe down the exterior and sweep the area surrounding it. We also recommend replacing or rinsing the air filter every few months. This keeps the equipment clean and healthy while also greatly improving indoor air quality.

For comprehensive care, we suggest furnace maintenance. This is a preventative service that reduces repair by 90 percent. Your specialist evaluates, cleans and adjusts each part of the furnace so that the entire unit is pristine and primed for quality heating.

It is the simplest way to protect the furnace and prevent heater repair service in Woodbridge. Best of all, no matter what condition your furnace is in, it can and will benefit from regular heating maintenance.

Get Superior Heater Repair Service in Woodbridge from Service Champions

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has dedicated its services to the homeowners of Woodbridge. We want to make your home better for everyday living through smart and practical solutions.

No matter what your goals are and what you need, trust our technicians. To make your appointment, please click here to book online or call our service representatives today.

Full Heater Repair Service in Westpark

Heater Westpark Head - Full Heater Repair Service in Westpark

Full heater repair service in Westpark makes home living better by completely restoring heating performance. For the best technical care, you want Service Champions.

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange County. We do exactly what you want and expect from an expert.

Appointments are simple. You will know exactly who your specialist is before arrival. We always come in a fully stocked company van and use genuine tools and replacement parts. There are no unexpected delays or fees. Plus, we promise to complete your heater repair service in Westpark in one visit.

Trust the HVAC contractor in Westpark that thousands of homeowners trust every day. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Heater Service Requires Quick Action

Heater repairs require quick action. Using the furnace despite necessary repairs causes an assortment of problems, including:

  • Multiple repairs
  • Time-consuming complications
  • Permanent damage
  • High service costs

If homeowners wait too long to call for furnace repairs, damage can be so severe that the entire furnace needs replacement. To avoid this costly mistake, be sure to know when you need heating repairs and call your HVAC contractor in Westpark immediately.

Any behavior out of the ordinary should be a red flag. This includes:

  • Irregular performance
  • Uneven heating cycles
  • Little to no change in indoor temperature
  • Smelly air
  • Loud or disruptive noises
  • High utility bills
  • Low indoor air quality
  • General discomfort

Common parts that require heater repair service in Westpark include:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Flame sensor
  • Blower motors
  • Thermostat
  • Air ducts

If the furnace does not work at all, do not attempt to jumpstart the unit through the circuit breaker. Furnaces automatically shut down in self defense when it has a significant repair. In all circumstances, do not use heating again until your specialist restores full and safe operation.

Get a Handle on Heater Repairs

Furnace repairs in Westpark are generally due to buildup and lack of maintenance. Homeowners who can correctly control buildup and provide maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood of future repairs.

Buildup is a collection of particles and germs, such as dust, hair, pollen, textile fibers and more. A clean air filter captures about half of these particles and prevents them from polluting the home and the furnace. However, most air filters are old and overused.

To restore full filtration and cut down on buildup by 50 percent, replace the air filter to the furnace every few months. Household needs differ, however. So, play around with different filters and see what works best for your home.

Next, schedule furnace maintenance once a year before the fall or winter. Also known as heating tune-up, this preventative service eliminates up to 90 percent of all future repairs.

Service Champions offers a very thorough 18-Point Furnace Tune-Up. Your specialist delivers precise and comprehensive care, attending to each part of the unit before it shows signs of wear and damage. Consequently, repairs do not have a chance to begin.

Furnace maintenance is the easiest and most convenient way to care for your home heating. Plus, any furnace can benefit from maintenance, no matter the age or condition.

Schedule Full Heater Repair Service in Westpark with Service Champions

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning knows HVAC better than anyone else in Westpark. We know exactly what to do to make home living its best! Trust us for superior practical solutions that make a difference.

Click here to schedule heater repair service online, or speak with our call center representatives for further assistance.

3 Effects of a Clogged Heat Pump Filter in Citrus County, FL

Throughout your home’s HVAC system are air filters designed to filter out dirt and debris, preventing it from getting in the air and in your lungs. The heat pump filter in your Citrus County, FL, home is vital because of its location near the heat pump’s air handler. The following are three negative effects that occur if your heat pump filter gets clogged.

Allergy and Asthma Flare Ups

A clogged air filter prevents clean air from circulating in the home. It is either too blocked to spread air at all or the dirt caught in it gets in the air. Debris in the air from a bad air filter causes issues for sufferers of asthma or allergies to dirt, dust, and pollen.

Increased Energy Bills

If your HVAC system becomes blocked by dirty filters, the pump will have to work harder to push hot air. This hard work leads to an increased amount of energy usage each day. You will see this represented by an increase in your monthly utility bills.

An Uncomfortable Home

A clogged HVAC system can prevent the home from becoming warm or cool enough. In some cases, the distribution of conditioned air can become spotty as well. If you are noticing your home doesn’t seem to be getting as comfortable as it used to, dirty heat pump filters could be the root of your problems.

Give Us a Call

If you think you may need to install heat pump maintenance or replacement, give us a call at Senica Air Conditioning today. We have been providing residents in the area with world-class service and maintenance for decades.

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How to Tell if a Pipe Has Burst

How to Tell if a Pipe Has Burst in Your Home

A burst pipe is an emergency plumbing situation. There’s no doubt about it. That’s why it’s important to be able to recognize when you have a burst pipe, and it’s important to find out quickly. Burst pipes can cause massive pools of running water, resulting in huge amounts of water damage to your home if left unchecked.

While the results may be obvious, not all signs of a broken pipe are as blatant, so before you run into this problem (or if you believe you could have a burst pipe already needs to be addressed) it’s important to learn how to tell if a pipe has burst.


Signs a Pipe has Burst

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how to tell if a pipe burst and recognize the signs. Learning how to tell if a pipe burst can save you from a lot of expensive water damage repairs. Not all of these automatically indicate that your pipe has definitely burst, but they are important signs that your plumbing may need professional attention. 

Water Pressure Fluctuates

Pay attention to your water pressure. If there isn’t any water or if the water pressure fluctuates, this is a clear sign that your water is going somewhere else. So if you’re washing your hands or standing in the shower and you notice a drastic drop in pressure, you may have a burst pipe.

Water has a Brownish Tint

If the water running from your faucet is brownish, don’t drink it. A brownish tint to your water could mean you have rust in your pipes, that your pipes are corroded, or that there are some other contaminants in your water. If this is the case, your pipes could be so corroded that they’re about to burst or there could even be a burst pipe letting in contaminated water.

Wet Stains on Walls

How to tell if you have a burst pipe: look to your walls. Discoloration on your walls or ceiling is an immediate red flag since it’s a clear sign that there is water in your home where it shouldn’t be. Water discoloration on the ceiling could mean you have a burst pipe leading to an upstairs bathroom, while stains on the walls usually means a pipe running through your wall is leaking in some way. Either way, it needs to be addressed by a professional.

Pipes Smell

If your pipe has burst because of a clog, then the backup that’s built up in the pipes can cause a foul smell. Since the only place for that smell to escape is back up, that smell can come up through your kitchen, bathrooms, or anywhere else you have a water supply line.

Your Water Bill Goes Up

Your wallet may know how to tell if a pipe has burst. If your water bill spikes without any significant increase in your water usage, that’s a clear sign that an excess of water is heading somewhere. Have your pipes checked by a professional plumber to see what’s caused the spike in your water bill.


What to do if You Notice a Pipe has Burst

When you realize that you have a burst pipe, here are the immediate steps you should follow:

  • Shut off your water
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Contact a plumbing professional
  • Document the damage (with photos if possible)
  • Clean up water and allow things to dry out


How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing or Bursting

To help protect your pipes from freezing and bursting in the wintertime, it’s important to drain any water from all exterior water supply lines. Close any valves supplying water to exterior hoses, then open up the exterior valves so any water can drain out. Keep your attics and basements insulated to keep the temperatures safe around your piping. Insulate hot and cold water pipe lines. Consider relocating any exposed pipes to help increase the protection from freezing temperatures.


Call John C. Flood for Water and Sewer Pipe Repairs

Now that you know how to tell if a pipe burst, you’re better prepared to react to the situation quickly and appropriately. Turning your water off immediately and calling in John C. Flood for an emergency plumbing appointment can help save you from severe water damages. Don’t wait for the flooding to get bad. Get your plumbing repaired right away.

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5 Reasons You Need Humidification In Your Luxury Residence

The benefits of humidification for your home and family Humidification is an important yet often-overlooked aspect of your home’s comfort. You’ll certainly notice when the humidity reaches the 80 percent mark on those steamy summer days, yet you may not be aware of the detrimental effects of insufficient humidification (translation: dry air) during the winter … Continued

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Don’t Delay On Coil Cleaning Preventative Maintenance

Coil Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance

HVAC systems rely on cooperation between your evaporator and condenser coils working together to get their job done. Over time, these coils can become dirty, causing the system to lose efficiency by reducing the ability to exchange heat. This causes increased energy costs and reduces the life of HVAC systems. Both are costly. How do you stop this from happening? Preventative maintenance. One of the most important things to do is make sure you follow a good coil cleaning program as part of your overall preventive maintenance program.

Dirty Coils Waste Money

When your HVAC system is operating with dirty coils, it can use up to 37% more energy than if they were clean. [i] A coil that has been fouled up with dirt, grease, or grime cannot work as efficiently as it once did. What are the dirty coils symptoms you need to watch out for?

  •  High Head Pressure
  • High Compression Ratio
  • Compressor Overload
  • Tripping High-Pressure Switch
  • Low Capacity
  • Poor Efficiency
  • Coil Freezing
  • Compressor Damage Due to Liquid Flood Back

Do you want to reduce the chance of issues like this occurring? Make sure you implement coil cleaning as part of your regular maintenance program. Coil cleaning should occur consistently to ensure that there is no build-up or deterioration to the coils. Do it as often as you can, especially in dusty environments, but at a minimum in the Spring and Fall, or depending on the HVAC unit’s amount of use and location.

Lack of Maintenance Reduces Efficiency

When your system is not operating efficiently, your cooling capacity can go down by 30%. Just think of what that does to monthly energy bills.  Staying on top of your coil cleaning maintenance is the only way to ensure you are keeping your HVAC operating at maximum efficiency.

Do you know how to clean coils properly? The severity of the dirt on the coils will determine the cleaning method required; however, the easiest solution is to use a coil cleaning system. These products are specifically designed for cleaning coils. Simple match the system to the right coils. They are available for cleaning evaporator coils, condenser coils in rooftop units (RTU), air-cooled chillers and heat exchangers, air handling units (AHU), PTAC units, and more.

When using coil cleaning systems, it is essential to use a machine that provides just the right amount of PSI pressure to keep coils from becoming damaged. Smaller units require lower PSI and lower water volumes. In contrast, larger condenser coils may require higher pressures and water volumes up to 3.5 gallons per minute.

The Proof Preventative Maintenance Matters

You don’t have to take our word that good coil maintenance and cleaning matters. Experts have done their own research to explore how efficient an HVAC system can be with the proper maintenance. A study printed in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) Journal concluded that good maintenance and operation practices (including coil cleaning) could improve energy performance and indoor air quality performance.

Co-op City, a 300-acre complex with multiple establishments, and houses a total of 15,372 apartments (one of the largest New York undertakings) that are heated and cooled by convectors called Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs). PTACs are the type of units you would find in hotel rooms. When asked how they were handling the 60,000 to 80,000 coils that make up the units, the answer was by “replacement.” When asked how they were handling the 60,000 to 80,000 coils that make up the units, the answer was by “replacement.” When a maintenance plan was introduced, the maintenance manager reported that they were doing 50% fewer replacements of the coils due to cleaning them without removing them. The Co-op City air quality was improved, and the efficiency in the units multiplied.

Westchester One houses five separate data rooms, all of which require significant amounts of cooling. Many of these server rooms operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year-and the HVAC must too. There are reports that the energy bills from Westchester One have reduced by thousands because they can use the whole coil for the operation now that they can properly clean them. One bill was even $20,000 below budget!

See the Proof with Your Own Eyes

If you have been looking for a way to make the HVAC at your home or business, run more efficiently, our coil cleaning solution to help you satisfy those needs. There is no longer a need to remove coils or replace them consistently when you can clean them and extend their lives (and the life of your unit).

You don’t have to take our word for it. Try it yourself and see just how much more efficient your system is and how much money you can save. When you begin your coil cleaning program, you will see in a short time just how much better your unit runs when you keep it clean and maintained. For help deciding what solution is best for you, check out our Coil Cleaning Buying Guide.




Check out our Coil Cleaning Systems and Chemicals

Download our Coil Cleaning Pro Guide

Read Buying a Coil Cleaning System? Avoid these Five Mistakes

Discover our Coil Cleaner Buying Guide

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Is a Cracked Heat Exchanger Leaving You in the Cold in Clute, TX?

A damaged heat exchanger causes structural damage to your Clute, TX, furnace and becomes a health challenge for your family. Discover four ways to tell that you have a cracked heat exchanger that requires immediate repair to make sure your family stays safe this winter.

Strong Fumes

A cracked heat exchanger emits strong, nauseating fumes as it leaks burned-off chemical compounds. These fumes often smell like formaldehyde and are toxic to your home’s indoor air quality. Fix the problem before you or any family members become sick.

Soot and Water

If you notice any black, sooty buildup on the interior of the furnace, then you’re likely dealing with a cracked exchanger. If this part is damaged, it won’t finish the combustion process anymore, which results in the buildup of soot.

You should know that faulty burners also cause sooty buildup. However, soot plus water leaks mean that you can narrow the problem down to the heat exchanger. It’s time to schedule heating repairs with your professional HVAC system technician when you notice this issue.

Odorless Gases That Can Cause Sickness

Has anyone in your family become ill even though you aren’t smelling anything strange? A cracked exchanger allows odorless gases such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide to enter your living environment. Carbon monoxide, for instance, causes symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Disorientation
  • Eye and nose irritation
  • Flu symptoms
  • Headache

Damage to Other Furnace Components

A cracked exchanger can cause additional problems to other HVAC equipment. Chloride fumes, for instance, corrode and crack other furnace components located near the heat exchanger. Call for professional help the moment you notice strange odors coming from the vents.

Do you think your furnace suffers from a cracked heat exchanger? Contact Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., and schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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The Difference Your Attic Insulation Makes

loft-insulationDepending on the way that your home is set up, you may not give your attic much thought. Maybe you use it for storage or maybe it’s just a part of your home that you have access to but never use for anything. Whatever your situation, your attic does warrant some consideration. Why? Because it is going to play a big role in your comfort throughout the year.

Believe it or not, your attic is one of the areas where you can have the biggest heat gain or heat loss over the course of the year. This is one of the reasons that insulation in this part of your home is so important. It can reduce the loss of cool air in the summer and warmth in the winter, allowing you to stay more comfortable. We provide attic insulation service to homes in the area because we know how big of an impact it can have.

What Is Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation is a material that you are going to have in your attic to help control heat transfer in and out of your house. It also creates a barrier that helps with moisture control. When you live in an area like ours, your insulation is responsible for keeping hot, humid air out of your house for the majority of the year. However, it can also help keep warm air in your house during seasons of cooler weather.

The Impact Insulation Can Have

So why should you be concerned about insulating your attic? If you don’t already have attic insulation you’re going to want to consider the benefits of adding this to your home. If you already have insulation you deserve to know why it’s there. We are glad to tell you what purpose your attic insulation serves and why it is important to keep it in good condition. These are some key impacts your insulation can have on your home.

  • Moisture protection: Your insulation acts as a barrier to keep excess moisture out of your home. By preventing excess moisture from entering your home, it can reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth and protect your home from encountering other problems caused by moisture.
  • Better comfort and indoor air quality: Your home’s insulation plays a large role in maintaining your comfort and optimal indoor air quality. Don’t be fooled, these go hand in hand. The better your insulation, the less heat transfer there will be throughout the year, which means a more stable indoor temperature. What’s more, less moisture getting into your home means better comfort as high humidity can mess with your ability to cool off.
  • Reduced strain on your HVAC: Good insulation is also going to pay off for your HVAC systems. By reducing that heat transfer and maintaining a more stable indoor temperature it will reduce the amount of work your HVAC systems have to do throughout the year

When you need help with the attic insulation in your home, reach out to a professional for service. You want a professional to be the one to provide your insulation services–poor insulation services can have a negative impact on your comfort.

Contact Air On Demand for attic insulation services in Miami.

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